Describe myself you say? Well it's difficult. I have the body of a guy, with the thoughts and feelings of a girl. I guess some would call me Transgender, but I'd rather not use that word. To me I'd rather just be treated as if I'm any other girl. I know that's hard for some of you and all, but just give it a shot. I also appreciate the fact that by wanting myself to be called a girl will cause some confusion, so I did list myself as Gender: Other (which I find refreshing to see!). I don't want to mislead people.


Anyway, on this profile I will only really be posting self portraits at the moment, but I do enjoy photographing many other things, I'm really not as vain as I seem! I just don't show them on here as I have another account that does that for me, and I'd rather not mix up my gender issues with that of my normal photography.


Ok, I hope you like my pictures and I look forward to posting more as soon as I can!


Also check out my blog here if you fancy it!


Ella x



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