I always adored painting and I suppose a photograph is, essentially, a painting of light. The way a shadow falls and the manner at which beams filter over and into the scene, pure or altered, and the temperament it sets.


A professor once pointed out that I rarely shoot indoors. I think its because there remains a certain magic in the forest, or anywhere that nature still reigns or claims, that seems to be lost in other places. It becomes a neutral space full of possibility. Anything can happen there. It is far away from the deafening sanity that humanity has built around us. Its in nature that the imagination is freed from borders. Why do you think so many fairy tales have the forest as a backdrop? It’s because mystery mingles with beauty there.

I suppose that’s the true reason I choose to shoot outdoors. Even when I shoot inside I bring elements of nature into the scene.


Over the years I have dabbled in fashion, sculpture, drawing, and painting, all of which have a strong influence on the way I photograph. More and more I am realizing how all of these art forms can be combined to create illusions, ideas, and beauty.


I have no clue where I will go with photography but I have fallen in love with every aspect of the medium.


Living my life for God.

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