My name is Hugo Faz and I'm an actor, performance artist, photographer and model based in São Paulo, Brazil. 100 NUDE Shoots (of Hugo) is my photographic project as a model, started 2015, where I'm in the process of being portrayed nude by 100 different artists with their own unique concepts, views and interpretations.


The photographs posted here on Flickr are just samples from the project. If you like my work, please consider collaborating on Patreon — starting from a US$1 contribution — and get access to a lot of extras, previews, making-of coverage and many other bonuses available exclusively to my community of supporters.


Please also visit to see the entire public content of these and all the other photoshoots already published, as well as for learning more about the Project and finding out about other ways to participate and/or contribute to my work.


Some of the photographs from 100 NUDE Shoots published here and elsewhere are also available as Limited Edition Fine Art Prints, which you can browse and purchase here. I appreciate your visit!


You can also find 100 NUDE Shoots on Facebook, Instagram (@HugoFaz), Tumblr and Twitter. I also make live making-of broadcasts on Periscope. Finally, check out my experimental video content as well on Vimeo.


I started this photographic project not as a photographer, but as a model, in order to "unite" so many different contemporary views and concepts about nudity and, perhaps, help blur the lines that still distinguish, when the human body is portrayed, fine art from amateur, fashion from erotic, artistic from pornographic, and in that path show that being nude is being human, and that nudity, the actions and the art we do with it should not need excuses or permission, or be subject to any kind of censorship.


I've got a long journey ahead and I hope you'd like to follow me on this path!






Obviously, many of the photos in 100 NUDE Shoots contain nudity, so if this warning means anything to you, be warned and proceed at your own discretion.


None of my photos published here or elsewhere, either taken by me or collaborating photographers, may be reproduced, copied, edited, published, transmitted or uploaded or used in any way without my previous written permission.


Please contact me for any questions, collaboration or publishing matters.

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Samples from a few of the 100 Shoots

  • JoinedMarch 2016
  • OccupationActor, Performance Artist, Photographer, Model
  • HometownSão Paulo
  • Current citySão Paulo
  • CountryBrazil
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