I am a techno-geek. I like gadgety things with includes taking photos. I'm always hoping to improve on my stuff, so please give a comment or five, I appreciate it.


I've been in a photography funk lately, I think it's digitalitis. I despise working on my photos on the computer (one or two don't bother me too much) and I find I'm much sloppier with digital than film. I don't know how to do a lot of the photoshop "tricks" so although I love B&W I'm kind of stuck.


Mostly into nature photography, though by default (meaning I'm a cheap photographer for friends and family weddings) I do end up doing people too. Actually found that I like it. Travel and take pictures as much as possible.


I only ever enter my photos into the Washington County fair just for fun. Did win big shiny purple ribbon one year which was a shocker.

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