I'm a Park Ranger for Tennessee State Parks. I enjoy being in the outdoors and recreating, from fishing to hunting, kayaking to backpacking. I have always enjoyed art in its many forms. I have gone from drawing and doodling, sketching, painting, playing guitar, writing poetry, practicing and learning the martial arts, to photography. I have used point and shoot cameras for many years, and started picking up the camera more seriously as a Park Ranger, mostly to document plants and animals at the park I work at. It has since ended up evolving into a hobby, and a passion. I have since decided to upgrade to a DSLR in 2015 after many years and wonder why I never upgraded sooner. Most of what I will post here will be nature related subjects; plants, animals, landscapes, etc.. Many will be of subjects I have documented at the park, or in the course of my birding hobby, or vacations. Of course, family pictures will show up too.

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  • OccupationPark Ranger
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Galerie très variée, beaucoup de styles différents mais un immense plaisir à regarder. Merci pour votre long passage sur la mienne.

February 8, 2018