I seem to be missed out on any SL art shows now where once (many years ago) I was invited all the time as all my art friends still are, it's really strange seeing their names on posters, but not mine, wonder who I offended? LOL So because of this I built my own art gallery, please come visit...... links in art or profile!


Art History


Belua has always been fascinated since her virtual birth in 2009 with the wonderfully changing atmospheres and landscapes of the virtual world she inhabits. Brought up by artistic parents who encompassed the Fine Arts, Belua has always used her eye in different ‘ways of seeing’, looking beyond the surface of things, often using the memories of places she visited, the unexpected and the unusual found there in conjuring up startling new images associated from her dreams or memories, giving the viewer an element of surprise of strange, enigmatic and unexpected juxtapositions.


She uses techniques as she does when RL oil or acrylic painting (combined with glazing). Most of these art pieces on this website have between 40 to 50 layers each 'glazed' with delicate textural effects which she creates herself. Some of these are 'rubbed off' in the process of exploring themes, ideas, anatomical corrections, light, shadow and mood are added or discarded depending on the feel of the moment and their relevance to the art piece.


The virtual world is a wonderful platform for this form of self expression as the amazing creators, builders and artists there allow her free rein to explore a limitless range of previously neglected associations, in the omnipotence of dream, in the seemingly random & disinterested play of her thoughtforms. A world of atmospheres, moods and ideas in her art which she often refers to as being immersed.


In addition to being constantly inspired by the creations within this beautiful world, Belua finds that her partner’s music (Quarkstar) has a huge, emotional driving force behind her art also. The titles accompanying the artworks each reflects the name of a piece of music or part of a lyric.


See my other website of art images, a lot of ongoing, unfinished 'studies' and ideas that don't make it on Flickr;








A link to my gallery; La Galleria de Luce,



Miss B (Belua Broadfoot)

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I just wanted to let you know how beautiful and fascinating your art is. I could truly get lost in it! ❤️

March 21, 2019