I was born and raised in the beautiful Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts. I did not find photography- photography found me. Received my first camera as a Christmas gift when I was 14 years old and have never looked back. Since that moment, I have become fascinated by the power of an image and the ability of my creativity to explore the human condition and the world around me. I continually find myself enthralled by the power of captured images and their ability to shape our understanding of our place in the world. Over these many years I have developed an passionate love for the process of Photography. I am a man who love's the mysteries hiding behind every tree, flower and abandoned vehicle. People, animals and still life -- watching them from behind a camera lens in their natural state brings out the true spirit and emotions in me.


All the pictures in my streams were taken by me and as such are subject to international copyright laws. If you wish to use any of my pictures then please get in touch, I'm sure we can come to some agreement.

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