Just having fun taking photos in Second Life . . . . .


I'm a wife, mother, grandmother and now a great-grandmother. I live in Georgia, USA.


UPDATE 12/17/2021: I've been away from Second Life and Flickr for awhile now. I'm doing well. I had so much fun taking pictures in Second Life and sharing on Flickr. I still come on Flickr to see the wonderful pictures others have done. To my friends and to everyone: keep taking those wonderful photos - your work is amazing!


Like so many here , I can't help but think of Amber Wild when I think of Flickr or come here to see everyone's pictures and art. Amber was truly a light and had the most beautiful and kind heart. I will always remember her, as will so many here will also always remember her. ❤️

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You are amazing talent and shine through your pictures as an amazing person ~ it is an honour to know you ~

February 15, 2018

Dear Zoey. Your art is so full of detail and beauty ~ you simply shine through and it is such a pleasure to call you my friend here ~ honoured ~ kindest wishes Amber

March 2, 2018