UPDATE: I am planning on rewriting the About section. (Still doing rewriting! Oh man, I've edited and rewrote the draft about half a dozen times!)


UPDATE: In the meanwhile, in between uploading new uploads, I'm replacing the older ones with FULL size photos.




Hi, my name is John. I do photography, graphic design, and sometimes writing, but I'm rusty at the moment because I had been a busy single parent for 16 years. Now that the kids are adults and had moved out to live independent, I am attempting to restart my career by hoping to get a job, or considered going freelance if needed. I had been doing photography since my mid-teens in the mid-1980s, and studied traditional graphic design at college in last two years of the 80s. My experience in graphic design done on computers were mainly self-taught starting from the mid-1990s when I got my first Windows 3.1 PC.


Whatever floats your boat.


You are free to Follow me in the hope of seeing more of my works in the future, and/or free to Fave my photos, if you really like my photo so much. I have no objections if you and I have different interests. So what, if you like butterflies, birds, bunnies, bluebells, and yet you fave one of my photos of Formula One cars? It is not my business to say "That guy's Photostream and Faves pages shows landscape and wildlife, looks like he loves nature. So why would he fave my photo of a gas-guzzling, pollution-coughing four-wheel drive vehicle?" Like I said: "Whatever floats your boat."


But remember: If you follow me, you should only follow me for yourself, to enjoy seeing more or my works. Not in the attempt to hope to follow me so that I would follow you back, as this does not always work. Also remember: You are free to Fave my photos, but you do not have to comment on my photo, to explain why. After all, when you go to an art gallery and look at the paint of the Mona Lisa, do you have to explain to the curator why the painting is your favourite? It is up to you if you want to comment and fave at the same time, or just fave without comment. (Unlike others who would say something like "If you fave my photo without comments, I will block you." That would be like an actor telling you, "If you watch my movies without comment on why you like them, you will be banned from watching more of my movies!")


The freedom of the speech gives me the right to comment on your photos with my own words whether I want to say something nice, positive, or interesting. That is why I refuse to use those copy and paste comment codes, which I call canned comments. My belief is that those pre-prepared comments are statements from the Admins of the groups, as they have prepared them for you to use, but those comments are actually their words, not your words. I'm willing to make an effort to type my own words, from my own soul, into your comment box, and if I can't think of anything to say, then I'll leave it alone.


If you can't think of anything to say in my comment boxes, then you do not have to, you are free to pass. But please do not bother using canned comments with links to the Groups, as those will be deleted. The comment boxes of my photos are not advertisements for the Groups.


The freedom of choice gives me the right to fave your photo if I really like it, that is why I don't simply pick any photos at random and fave them, just because a group rules say so. Sometimes a group Admin makes it a policy that when you post your photo, you must fave someone else's photo (ie: Post 1, Fav 1), but what happens if you look around and could not find any photos that really interest you so much? Are you expected to fave something you don't really like, just because the rules says so? If you look at my Faves pages, you will notice a pattern there. You'll notice photos of tigers, Land Rovers, bob hairstyle women, foxes, BAe Hawk (aircraft), basketball (both men's and women's), ships, women in fur coats, Hawker Hurricane (WWII aircraft), and so on. You'll notice a theme, as many of those subjects are similar, that is because those are the kind of subject I like.


I have no objections if you randomly picked one of my photos and fave it, just to please the group rules. That's your choice, and I will respect it, but the Admins should understand that I will fave someone's photo only if I'm really interested in the subject, and I will not just simply random someone's photos to please their rules.


Nor will I comment on someone's photo because the Admins made it a rule. Randomly picking a photo, and simply saying a couple of words, just to follow the Group rules of Post 1, Comment 1, is not a freedom of speech, it is a case of comment under duress!


Enjoy looking at my Photostream, and at any of my photos.


Thank you for your time. Thank you for looking at my Photostream, Albums, Galleries, and Fave pages. Thank you for following me and/or for your comments.

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