I use older manual lenses, because it`s much more fun with them. They are not too expensive, look and feel much better than those fat plastik monsters like my Sigma....

I bought my first DSLR in February 2015, it was a used Samsung GX20 and I was happy with it. After about 7000 shots I felt ready for a little Upgrade and I love my K50 now!

K-1 !!!!!!!!!!!since june2016



DSLR Pentax K50

Pentax K-1

Sigma Super Wide(1) 24mm 2.8

Sigma EX 17-35mm

Pentax a 28mm 2.8

Pentax M 28mm 3.5-lost!!!-ordered a 2.8-got it and now also a 3.5 again!!!

Pentax M 35mm 2.8.slow aperture- only works with 2 sec...

Pentax M 35mm f2 -I like it very much!

(Pentax a 35mm 2.8) broken-focus does not move any more

Pentax M 40mm 2.8 pancake- i don`use it

Pentax m 50mm 1.4- everybody needs a 50/1.4!!!!

Pentax a 50mm1.4


(Pentax A 50mm 1.7)-lost -got another-very sharp

Pentax A 50mm 2.8 macro-very, very sharp, ugly booked

Auto Revuenon 50mm 1.4- maybe sharper than pentax m/a

Pentax K 55mm 1.8-more purple colors, colder as m/a

Pentax m 85mm f2 !!!!!!

Tamron SP90 2.5 makro adaptall+2x converter- best colors, nice booked

Tamron sp90 2.8 adaptall (manuel,1:1 ratio)-sharp- no nice bokeh, cold colors

Soligor C/D macro mc 90mm 2.5-not very sharp, nice bokeh, warm colors

Ricoh XR Rikenon 135mm 2.8-very sharp

Tamron Adaptall 135mm 2.5- not big, 1,2m MFD, very nice colors and bokeh

Pentax K 135mm 2.5-very big and heavy, not sharp at infinity

Pentax M 75-150mm F4- nice but i don`t use it, purple fringing

Pentax M 200mm F4- good tele, compact

Ricoh Rikenon 100-300mm 5.6-6.7- don`use it any more

Pentax m 100mm f4 macro +rings- very nice colors

m42 Meyer Orestor 100mm 2.8- very good portrait lens

m42 Zeiss Jena Triotar 4/135-three lenses, old, very nice colors

Helios 44m-6 58/2- colors, bokeh, sharpness better than Pentax 50er

m42 cosina 55mm 1.4 and so on.............................


Rings, Pol-Filter, graduated grey filter, ND (1000x) filter

Kiron MC7 2x Teleconverter, cheap Tripod

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