In the 1990's I did a lot of nature photography at a semi-professional level. It was a money making hobby. Then, my life circumstances changed and I stopped taking photos. My favorite types of photography at that time were bird photos from a blind using water as an attractant, and landscape photos. I loved the bird photography, but the landscape photos is where I made my money. The last 3 years, I had moved up to 4x5 view camera.


Fast forward, August, 2014, I started collecting insects. Over winter, while trying to research the identification of my collection, I came across bee photo's by Sam Droege, who heads the bee monitoring program at the USGS. I was very fascinated and inspired by his photos to the point that I started to ask myself if I could do that type of photography. I had a good macro lens from the 90's, all I needed was a new camera. So, I purchased the necessary equipment and I've been off and running since. The learning curve has been somewhat painful at times, but the results are slowly improving. Shortly, I'll be expanding into scenic/landscape photography again, being inspired by the photos seen on Flickr.


I hope everyone can enjoy my photos.


I would like to thank everyone for views, faves and comments. They are much appreciated!

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