So what is there to say about the average run of the mill person who has taken his brand of trainspotting to a whole new level?


I love trains, I love buses, I love old trains, I love new buses, I love old buses, I love new trains, I love everything!


Get on the right side of yours truly and we can have a great friendship. Get on the wrong side of me and we are going to have a bit of a problem.


Only the best of the best is going to appear on this profile and all photos will be instantly copyrighted as well so no young schmucks can even think about taking them from me!


Hope you all enjoy, feel free to send any comments, any friends requests and hey, let's have a great time shall we?

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  • JoinedAugust 2015
  • OccupationSales assistant
  • HometownThe mighty RGT, Rugeley
  • Current cityAlways lived in Rugeley
  • CountryIt better be in England or we are in trouble
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