I feel the need to ask .

There are a whole lot of American who are also self proclaimed Christians .

I need to ask . How many of y’all really and truly love Jesus ?

How many of you are really actually willing to die for Jesus?

Do any of you know out of twelve deciples, how many died of old age and natural causes .

People I pray and ready the Bible every single day . I ask god to make me understand what he is trying to tell me .

I also fell that as children we weren’t miss lead but we were miss told .

When satan take complete control of this world ( one world government; one religion) you can bet that religion will not be in the name of god ; Jesus Christ !!!

And anyone who refuses the mark of the beast .

Men we will probably be treat EXACTLY like Jesus was beaten . Whipped. Then what ever else they want to do . To 1.) humiliate you and think there hurting Jesus and humiliating him. So in there eyes the more they can do to humiliate you and Jesus the happier they will be . Women if you love Jesus you too will be humiliated as much as possible before death . Raped ,beaten . But only until you are killed . Yes I do believe we will as CHRISTIANS we too will experience th same death Jesus experienced and also the deciples experienced.

But if you claim the evil one to keep from death you will died and not have eternal life .

We still in church are given sugar coated scriptures. We are not being told the hard cold truth . God said the wages of sin IS DEATH .

Jesus said not all the will see the sun of man will be dead .

My guess is if you ain’t been persecuted You one that will see Jesus double edge sword go into the devils throat so you can say oh lord lord I believe you now please forgive me .

And if you don’t know how that ends perhaps praying and reading the Bible you might figure it out


spiritual battle every day .

I believe in jesus christ yet I have this gorilla on my back

called perversion.

I took down all my images and all my fav's I unfaved .I have no groups .I am trying to change .

so If you were on my follow list and have wife sharing and all that I am taking care of that now so I can look at things that do not appeal to my prevertion I am again trying to go into a different direction.

if you have those kind of images I do hope that all my biblical post either change you and you're out look of you unfollow me .

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