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"Amateurs worry about equipment. Pros worry about money. Masters worry about light"


a galaxy far, far away... - View my 'Portfolio' set on Flickriver


"In this place where time stands still it seems like everything is moving"


a galaxy far, far away... - View my 'B&W Monochromatic' set on Flickriver


"Remember, the shadows are just as important as the light"


I am a professional musician (a classical organist), seriously interested in photography since 2007.

As well as through the years I've adored to perform concerts in the largest cathedrals of the world, immersed in centuries of architectural history, I live the exact same feeling when I'm temporary witness of the immense scenarios of the Alps, where the play of light unravels the mystery, like the mystical sound of the organ in a Gothic nave, creating forms and suggestions in the millennial natural scenery of "our" planet.


The resulting pictures are just the top of an "iceberg" that symbolizes a personal path of continuous and deep research about the ancient mysteries of this world and the universe.

Sometimes I think that photography is just a personal excuse to return in certain places, look for new ones... and so continue the "endless journey".


I am conscious concerning the difficulties to render, respectfully, in a single image, all the magnificence I see, on place, with my own eyes....

That's why I am devoting a profound sense of discipline and responsibility in this activity, as a due tribute to the wonderful places I am visiting and also because I can't stand the idea of wasted beauty.

Sometimes I am successful in my efforts, other times less...

In any case I feel as interacting with impermanence, somehow "freezing in time" landscapes that will never appear the same again, in a constant immense flux of no fixed nature.


Some achievements, publications:

- The Daily Telegraph

- Daily Mail

- Daily Record

- Éditions David

- Ev Magazine

- Earth Shots

- Meridiani Montagne

- Global Footprint Network

- Photo of the Day on National Geographic

- yearbook "Beyond"

- PetaPixel

- Rai Educational

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