I'm a 50 something from Leicestershire employed as a train driver based in Leicester. I have had an interest in railways since an early age when my Mum took my brother & me to Nuneaton Trent Valley station and it grew from there.



I started photographing trains in 1979 during my spotting years. The first couple of films were on a 126-cartridge instamatic camera but I soon upgraded to a 35mm Russian made FED4. Everything was manual on this camera, including exposure and focus. After a few years I upgraded again to a SLR camera, this time the Canon AE1. This was a fantastic camera for the money and I used it until I wore it out, the end coming in November 1995. Unfortunately, I disposed of the camera. That was replaced by a Canon EOS500 whose working life was cut short by my change to digital. Digital came in September 2007 in the form of a Canon EOS400D. I upgraded this to a Canon EOS80D, my first move above entry level. However, this camera was disappointing so a second upgrade came as funds permitted in the form of a Canon EOS6D Mk2. The next stage in my photography will probably be investing in a pole of some description.



My composition has improved greatly over the years. The internet makes it easier to pick up tips from others with sites like the much missed Fotopic and now Flickr. Real Times Trains takes the guess work out of knowing when a train will come by and which line it is traveling on. A change of job means I get to pick my days better rather than having to go on a day off regardless of the weather conditions.



Many of my older photographs have been scanned and uploaded on here, you will see how many are not the best but I hope you enjoy them. They are best viewed original size due to their low definition.



Both my sons started to travel with me at quite a young age. Both have had cameras and have taken many pictures. Whilst my youngest no longer takes photos my eldest, Chris, has become very keen and his Flickr site can be found here;

Chris Sansome;

Please take a look if you have some spare time.


Copyright & Appreciation:

Photos are my copyright so please don’t copy them elsewhere without asking for my permission first. If you share them please use the link to my Flickr account and credit me as the photographer.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy my photos


Andy Sansome

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