"I sit here and I wait to be inspired"


sometimes I build sims and sometimes I do poses with my partner. Very often busy online.


Boo'D Up.oses co owner


please no awards in my account...i will try to avoid groups with those kind of things. I do adore your comments if you appreciate my pic but and I am sorry but i will delete all awards.

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I just love your work, your attention to detail is admirable and one can feel the emotions you portray with every shot, love it :)

October 3, 2020

One of my favorites from Flickr, her stream is filled with strong captures and depth of colors and scenery it's almost like a dream of many.. I get excited to always see one of her pictures , I hope you'll always know whatever you edit and direct to here it will always be perfect in the eyes of so many ♥♥

August 7, 2019

Amazing artist with magical captures filled with stunning scenes, beauty, friendship, love, sensuality...absolutely adore your art! Hugs

March 9, 2019

You are amazing in so many ways! Always stay gorgeous and wonderful inside and outside and keep doing a great job with your photos! 💖💖💖

January 16, 2019
Descriptive Thumb (deleted)

the whole stream has wonderful pictures that live !

October 10, 2018