Resident Germany.

like travel , painting , photography, and cooking ....

Hello everyone, I started to learn photography online since 2016. I am very grateful to Flickr for providing such an excellent platform. In the past few years, I have learned a lot of important photography knowledge and meet many excellent photographers. I am also very fortunate to have the silent support, encouragement and company of KK, a close friend, that made me persevere for so many years. Photography is a very amazing art. Although my photography skills are still in the past, my enthusiasm will still not fade. If God gives me enough time and health, then I hope that by the time when I am 70, I can also walk between the big rivers with the camera.

Usually I like nature, scenery, macro, humanistic photography

The camera now I use is: Olympus EM10ii and Olympus EM1ii


Used (2017-2020 ): Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 14-150mm 4.0-5.6 II

Currently using:

Panasonic LUMIX G VARIO 100-300/F4.0-5.6II

samyang 12mm F 2.0

7artisans 55mm F 1.4

7artisans 25mm F 1.8

Olympus Body Cap Lens 9 mm F8.0 Fisheye


Macro Converter:KOOKA automatic extension ring 3–piece 10 mm &amp 16 mm 21mm macro


Used (2018-2020 )Filter: Gobe 58mm Neutral density filter ND8, ND64, ND1000 -ND filter kit (1 peak) / Gobe 58mm Polarizing filter CPL


Currently used(2021 start): Haida Nd Filter Set 72mm ND8, ND64, ND1000


tripod :

rollei compact compact traveler no 1 ( alternate)

Lammcou TP001 3in1 and K&F Concept® TM2324 (Commonly used)


Thank you very much for liking my photos and comments, best greeting ~

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Your gallery of photographs you have captured is amazing! I love your work.

April 6, 2019