Quelques photographies, juste pour le plaisir ….. amateurisme total

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Jerry N. says:

Your work is inspirational. The way you capture and depict color and texture is exceptional. I particularly enjoyed the Venice album. I will not likely visit Venice, but got to experience it through your work. Thank you for sharing.

August 29, 2018
sadler0 says:

you really have a vision throughout all your work and exquisite post production. Just right.

April 2, 2018

You my friend, have some wonderful photos. Love your artwork

March 4, 2018
fierce discussion (deleted)

Beautiful colors and shapes always, and the vista's learn us something new about that particular place, from a dune pond to the streets filled with people in China, Edinburg... I am so pleased that thanks to the beauty and journalist qualities of James' pictures, I can travel all around the globe, staying at home.

January 23, 2017