2018 January update:

Some of the pictures in my photostream contain nudity. If you are uncomfortable viewing this or are not legally allowed to do so, then please skip my account.

I have set my safety level to restricted, meaning you will have to adjust your safety settings accordingly in case you would like to watch my pictures. Not all of my work shown here is restricted of course, I change the safety setting case by case, but restricted is the standard.

Giving criticism and comments is allowed of course ... just keep it respectful and polite, especially towards the ladies shown in the pictures.


2017 April update:

Seems some people really can't read ... if you have no pictures of your own (= that you have made ... = not looked up on the internet or stolen somewhere), no profile information or no buddy icon, then don't fave my pics or follow me. You'll be blocked if you do.

If I notice that you DO have pictures, but only as a cover-up for your picture hunting, you'll be blocked as well.

If you decide to follow me, but leave no comments or faves or whatever, and I don't like your photostream, I might block you. Nothing personal, it's just because I'm not interested in what you have to show. And if you don't have the courtesy to tell me something, I shouldn't have the courtesy to warn you about getting blocked.




Hi there,


Like most people out here I just like taking pictures, and share them here. Copying, publishing or using my pictures at your own will or for whatever reason is not allowed. All of the pictures I upload here are taken by myself and therefore the copyright belongs to me only. Violations will be dealt with, I've unfortunately had to do it before, and I will not hesitate to do it again when needed.


Photography is a hobby, meaning I have no huge budgets to spend on equipment ;-) However, I try to see the beauty of everything in my path, and make it a beautiful picture. I enjoy wandering around here and learning from other photographers.


Some of my pictures contain nudity. If you are offended or not of legal age to view, please do not visit my photostream.

If you don't have any pics of your own and/or profile information, don't bother to fave any of my pics, comment on them or follow me, you'll be blocked without warning. I appreciate nice comments and faves, but I I like to see something of anyone interested in my pictures. I think it's just a matter of mutual respect and to avoid pic hunters; .... which unfortunately seem to exist here.


I appreciate faves, even more I appreciate a nice comment or constructive criticism ... one is never too old to learn. Personally I try to write a nice comment for each picture I fave.


For some groups it's required I mention my age, I'm over 21 ;-)

Every now and then I go through my contact list. My focus is not on having many contacts but on contacts who regularly add something to their photostream. Therefore, it's possible you are removed from my contact list if you seem to have been inactive for quite some time. Nothing personal, just to keep things interesting for myself. If you think I removed you by mistake, and should add you again, feel free to ask.

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An interesting assemblage of well-crafted images revealing an artist with an eclectic "eye" and the photographic skill to capture what he sees. Thanks for sharing and inspiring!

August 13, 2017