Occasional photographer, hopefully as I come up to retirement I will have more time to practice the one hobby that I keep coming back too! I love being in and around nature, the Sea or up in the Mountain air, Living in Co Fermanagh in N.Ireland I am in a lakeland setting so have plenty of natural wildlife and spend a lot of time photographing ducks mostly mallards I don't post too many but I dream of getting 100 likes for a mallard - I know its a sad ambition but it really drives me on!


I love to take photo's of the wildlife around me and although it doesn't annoy me (maybe astounds me) an interesting 'Flickr' observation is I can spend say a month or more and a whole bag of time photographing a Kingfisher to get as near a perfect shot of it as I can and a Starling that pops up onto my birdtable while I was out the back with the camera one day and taken in a millisecond gets twice as many likes.... :-)


Thank you for looking, liking and commenting on my pictures I really do appreciate the feedback and I do try my best to get back to you at some point in time!

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