Hi, my name is Lars Juel.

The photo collection here contains mostly the subjects:

-Street Photography using model cars, on tabletop, and forced perspective technique.

-Studio pictures resembling old Car-brochure style.


I have always had a keen interest in photography. I remember as a kid with joy when I “borrowed” my father's Kodak Super 8mm and my mother's Polaroid cameras.

My first camera was the fantastic Yashica 44 with only 12 pictures pr. Film roll. Later my Olympus OM20 got my experience with film roll-purchase much easier.


Nature was often the preferred subject to photograph. Summertime travels to the Mediterranean with lots of light, was a perfect setting for my creativity and learning curve. In the dark winters, I have enjoyed the skills in astronomy photography, with cold work of long exposure times of over one hour! Often in freezing minus 10 degrees Celsius.


I have been blessed with the opportunity to deliver pictures for books, music album covers, house sales advertising, architects projects, and Science and educational purposes over time.


Thank you for the visit and if you have been entertained just a little by a trip down memory lane. You make my day!


Feel free to visit my model cars at my website: aeronautic.dk

Link: aeronautic.dk/classiccars.htm


- you will also find model aircraft and warships as well.

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