Like many if not most people on Flickr, I love making photographs, and I suppose an enthusiastic novice describes me best.

Since losing much of the mobility of my legs during the last three years or so, my house and garden are now my "little world of wonders and delights".

It was difficult to accept the limitation at first, especially as I have always been very active and mobile but I've discovered that its just a matter of perception, interest and beauty lie all around us if we look carefully, just have to shift our focus a bit :-)

Greetings and affectionate thanks to all my friends.


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A real pleasure Martin thanks for sharing

May 30, 2020

Cette galerie est de qualité c'est indéniable, c'est le contraire du n'importe-quoi merci camarade tu aimes les gens !!!!!!! Ma mère répétait ce vieil adage, quand elle voulait démontrer l’esprit néfaste d’une personne. « Elle n’aime pas les animaux »

December 1, 2019

Martin captures everything he photographs so beautifully! The light is gorgeous and the subject is incredibly captured. Whether it be his pets, flowers or anything else, his stream is a delight to the eyes, no matter whom you are! Awesome talent to behold here!

November 7, 2019

Une très belle galerie, merci pour vos belles photographies !!

November 1, 2019

I’m mostly house and garden too, so I can really identify with Martin - minus his beautiful pet companions. I get enormous pleasure from looking at the beautiful and sensitive pictures he shares here - my grateful thanks Martin!

August 16, 2019