[Updated on: 19th August, 2019.]

In case you wonder, I never «fave» a photo before I open it and watch it in its biggest size. I often am in a hurry to go through with many comments, but you can be assured that every photo I fave is thoroughly appreciated.


[Updated on: 5th May, 2019.]

To begin with, thank you all very much for your comments, critics, «faves» and time taken to watch my photographs.


As much as I love to see them appreciated, if you do so, please do not comment with anything else but plain text. Comments with just words are just fine. I get much more upset from blinking little images than I get from someone telling me he or she finds my photos horrible. Please respect that. And by no means post any form publicity or politics or religious propaganda in your comments.


That said, I hope you do like my photos as much as I love the birds and other motives I try to capture in the best way I can.


Américo Rosa.

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Lovely photography Rosa. Your bird photography is especially good. And your Flower Photography is full of lovely colour and detail. Thank you for sharing your Photograhy with us here on Flickr.

September 26, 2021

Your photos are of good quality, your birds are very attractive, you have an eye for detail and the beauty of things, I congratulate you and wish you good luck.

September 1, 2021