For me, photography is a personal challenge to look at what I see around me and then bring life to a vision in my head while working with my SL photo tools. I am not methodical, my photos depend on my moods and the feelings I get from what I'm looking at. I am versatile and love to explore different ways of creating images. In my journey I am in awe at the amount of talent I find from SL to Flickr, including the amazing builders and SIM owners, and I am so thankful for their contribution to this fascinating world of SL photography.

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Doddy have inspired many of my own attempts at landscape pictures, although I must admit that I've never managed to capture the same sort of magical awe inspiring atmosphere that Doddy so masterfully capture in her amazing art, I salute you my friend

March 24, 2021

Doddy is very talented artist. She has a great eye for every details and manages to capture it. I had the pleasure to work with her (and her partner) at my gallery and during events.

November 18, 2020
Sari says:

So glad I found this talented and inspirational artist to follow. Doddy, my friend you have a way of making a pic seem like you can step right into it, that's how real it looks. So looking forward to all you do in the future :)

October 16, 2020

Your artwork captures something very magical - your work has heart n soul. You are such a beautiful soul and its as if a part of you shines through your beautiful artwork. Thank you for sharing this with so many and thank you for all that you are.

December 20, 2018