When I was really young my father gave me a box brownie to play with. Ever since then I’ve had a bit of an obsession with cameras. I used film cameras throughout my teens and twenties , but it was really my first DSLR that opened up things for me. Suddenly I had full control over the whole process of a photo from it’s inception to the processing afterwards.

For a while I did Astrophotography and got some reasonable results but then other things took over and my camera was put away for a while.

Then in 2017 I decided to pick it up again, just to see if I still had the bug. Turns out I did and my old canon 450D got replaced by an 80D, and I’ve not really stopped since.

Welcome to my photography page. My aim is to share photos I've taken (past and present) for you to enjoy.

I hope you enjoy the page and feel free to add comments and constructive criticism.

Whilst I’m happy for my photos to be shared here on Flickr , I would ask anyone that’s intending to use my photos commercially to please contact me first. I can be reached at: adinroberts@msn.com

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Beautiful and versatile!

June 16, 2020

Une jolie galerie d'images variées et colorées.

May 21, 2019