A work in progress...


....COLOUR, flowers / plants, macro, tabletop, variety, colour, blur, theme group submissions, did I mention colour?....


....working towards improving my creative editing...


I shoot in RAW, convert in DPP4, process in affinity photo and creatively tweak in Topaz Studio 2 and Nik4 Collection. i occasionally use iPiccy which is a fab, free web-based editing software with some creative touches. i try to leave tags to hint at how i processed an image in case it helps; so often i see a picture that interests me but there's no clue as to how it was done... frustrating! If you ever want more details, feel free to ask... we're all here to learn and inspire each other.


BTW i'm so happy if people choose to follow me but i'm not here to 'just' collect followers; i far prefer followers who like to interact. If i choose to follow someone, i'll try to engage with their work by faving or commenting occasionally and would appreciate it if anyone who chooses to follow me could do the same... not always or maybe not even regularly but occasionally would be nice... otherwise, what's the point??


I apologise in advance if I don't get back to you when you comment. I find sometimes my mind moves on too quickly, and then the moment never seems right to say 'thank you'. But I do appreciate all comments and favs... But if you're someone who engages with me, I really will do my best to respond and engage with you and your pics as much as I can.


I promise to update my showcase images soon; i'm not entirely sure the current selection is representative of my best stuff any more.


I live in the South of England (though a midlander at heart), with a couple of young-ish children. Working part time, and obsessing about photography while I'm not working. Getting better, I hope...

(Late Spring 2021)



Canon EFS 18-55mm

Canon EFS Macro 55-250mm (so generously donated to me by my lovely friend Nick; or maybe because I kidnapped it!)

Canon EFS Macro 60mm [until recently permanently attached to my camera; but recently I've been trying to be a bit more inclusive]

Helios 44-2 f2

Carl Zeiss Jena Flektogon DDR 2.4/35 - I love this lens!

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