I am a virtual person in Second Life, and my Flickr is also limited to just that, Second Life. Its a great platform to express yourself in many ways, and this is one of them.


I am the alter ego of Zeta Vandyke. Sometimes when she goes to sleep, I surface, and make sure her more naughty dreams get captured and share them on my Flickr.


On flickr I am group owner of the following groups:


Imaginibus - A photography group born on the SL forums - flickr.com/groups/imaginibus/

Sheer Delight - A group with my personal favorite pcitues of sheer and nylon clothing in SL - flickr.com/groups/sheerdelight/

Fabulous Blowjobs of Second Life - The name should be self explainatory :) - flickr.com/groups/blowjobsl/


And I am moderator in Palmers great group Sheer & Horny in Second Life - flickr.com/groups/shsl/


*Me making erotic pictures does not mean I meet up with random people to do naughty stuff. They are pictures, creative work. Even though I appreciate your support, it has no use to send me messages to meet up in game and have a good time.

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Photos of Angelica Liddie


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ilseray says:

Just love the pictures. The poses, the scenes, the detail, the attention....everything really. Always happy to discover yet another wonderful work of Angelica.

January 25, 2022

This is probably the best creative work i ve ever seen on SL pictures.. the eye for detail, the accuracy in the posing, I just love it, I could easily fav all your pictures... well done, you made erotism an artform here ♥

January 18, 2021
Thoughtless Tooth (deleted)

beautiful and sensual, i want to meet you in second life

February 9, 2020