Communicative Purposes:


-To document human history in Chicago in the early 21st century.

-Cities are diverse places filled with many different kinds of people. Every person within a city has a role to play in the grand scheme of things. The city ain't the city without the people.

-Cities are ever changing places. Technology, modes of transportation and fashion are constantly changing or evolving.

-People and their interactions within a city change throughout the year primarily based upon weather and temperature.

-This is what people in Chicago look like in the early 21st century, this is what people wear, this is what people do, and this is how people act.

-People all look pretty much the same when they are wearing sunglasses.

-Women's fashion is essentially defined by wearing whatever the hell you want to wear whether or not it is tasteful.

-Men's fashion is somewhat standard and not nearly as diverse as women's fashion.

-Even in large cities it is very common to walk past the same people over and over again. There may be hundreds of thousands of people in downtown Chicago, but there are only a handful of streets.

-All of my photos are newsworthy, historically relevant and works of fine art.




-Anyone in the world with access to the internet that cares about such communicative purposes listed above. (potentially billions of people)

-Currently living people and also people that have not yet been born that will someday be interested in the communicative purposes listed above.

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Clark Adam captures the essence of life on the street. His candid shots tell at the story of the streets of Chicago. He is able to capture people being themselves. His shots aren't posed or staged, but real. Fantastic photography. Thank you for sharing.

December 1, 2021

Hello I just had a good time watching people pass in front of me like when I am on a terrace of a bar watching and observing my fellow human beings. Sorry, this is a google translation of what I said. Keep going it's exciting

May 21, 2020
silvrmn says:

You may have inspired me to get out more in lousy weather. A streetful of umbrellas - very nice.

December 6, 2019