I'm just having some fun by taking some random photos of things which caught my attention, interest, here and there, mostly here, (usually in nature). And it's fun just wander around without any predefined/predetermined target, and let the world surprise. (and nice to get some exercise and fresh air too!).


Usually there's something interesting to capture – it's more about if the mind is on creative/creating mode enough. AND, my skills and camera aren't top quality. (so many times, could not salvage a pic which i was anticipating to be good 😢. Is it photographer's everyday life? Or just bad photographer's 👉👉 mine? 😂).


However, i try to get my photos depict the seen reality.....It feels sometimes quite a task to determinate "is this how it looked like?" 😅 I don't want much alter my photos but most photos requires some adjustments (saturation/brightness/contrast...) and fix (lens distortion), and i usually down-scale/crop them either to 1920x1080 or 1920x1280 (using as my computer backgrounds). My photomanipulation skills neither are top-quality but sometimes enough for fixing easy cases 🤔


Either way, it's also fun to learn more, developing little by little, on my own pace. And i try to remember not to be too serious – it is easy to get lost in vast ocean of pixels, going to overcritical, judging this, judging that – and i've also noticed seriousness is not so helpful for creativity flow 😁


Thanks for reading this, and


Have a beautiful day, nice captures! ❤️



I fave all photos which i feel are good (artistically/funny/interesting or so).

I comment on special photos+if having mood to give comment/feedback.

I don't so much care about following but if someone follows me because really liked my photos, i appreciate – i follow back if your photos vibrates enough with me too 😇 I don't want to be impolite but i don't understand gathering followers just for gathering 💕

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