The best gift my parents left me was the opportunity to retire and travel at age 60, although it cost me two people I loved dearly and miss almost every day. That’s why it’s only fitting to dedicate this Flickr page, which is actually my travel blog, to their memory.


For over thirty years I wrote, produced and directed sponsored videos for organizations across the U.S. While a few were professionally rewarding, the majority were just business, which is why I enjoy travel photography so much. It offers me:

• Complete creative control

• No real purpose or goal except my own enjoyment

• No budgets, no deadlines, no schedules, no stress

• Not much equipment needed, except my camera

• The chance to learn and grow and to share my photos with you.


Thanks for taking the time to read my profile. I look forward to learning more about you.

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Glen Zazove is a photographer that constantly produces vibrant and exciting views of his world. I have visited his site many times and he never fails to show me some captivating photos. Thanks for sharing Glen.

July 10, 2019