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I've always enjoyed taking pictures. I've just recently started to enquire about getting more serious about trying to capture the moment in the best way possible. Memories frozen in time tend to bring smiles to peoples faces in every age group. I haven’t yet figured out what i want to be when I grow up but i do know i want to make people happy and this is one way to do it. So until I know what i was meant to do here on earth I will pursue the things that come to me and do the best that i am able to do.


Well...I have recently started school, community college here, Gateway Technical College. 2yr. associates program for Human Services. Undecided still on the field that gets me going most but as for right now im most interested in School Social Worker. I have also gotten the opportunity to be an extra photographer for some of the sports shoots we do at work!! What an amazing privilege it is for me. Its going to be fun. Sorry i wont be able to post any of that stuff. I hope everyone is venturing forward and challenging themselves as often as you can.






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