Most of the bentos I make are completely gluten-free. These lunches are made without sacrifice in texture or flavor.


UPDATE: As of July 2008 all bentos for Kiddo and Mom are completely GF. Dad's are not GF.

UPDATE: December 2009 Mom's bentos are now all low-carb in addition to continuing to be GF.

UPDATE: 2013 Mom's bentos are no longer low carb but continue to be GF as well as many allergen-free. Kiddo's bentos are no longer completely GF but contain many GF items.


Why bento? I was introduced to bentos in Japan in when I was in my 20's. When my kiddo started Japanese immersion pre-school, I was required to send a bento. My kiddo has continued to request bentos ever since and I am happy to provide a nutritious, homemade lunch.


It's a good life skill. Once you get into the habit of making a bento in the morning, it's easier to pack one and dash out the door on a weekend, trip, etc. Happy bentoing!

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