Hello, everyone.


Hanging on by my expensively painted fingernails :) Only staying for some of my Flickr friends with whom I have built up a good relationship. Don't agree with the way Flickr has gone about changing things.


I'm reluctant to say too much about myself here. I may change my mind but until then I'll leave all the talking down to my pictures. Please don't take offence if I fail to respond to your Flickrmail. I receive loads of unsolicited Flickrmails, some of them most unwelcome. If I get to know you better, things will be different then. Hope you understand.


Due to work restraints I don't have much opportunity at the moment to post regularly but I am fond of visiting streams using my iphone or ipad. Where would I be without them :)


I see such wonderful photos and have made some genuine Flickr friends. I enjoy awarding and hope to post my own photos more frequently.


Until then it's me and my mobile on the tube, in the office, wherever and whenever I can :)


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