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I've started some posting again only. Not shooting, though. Most of these photos are over 2 years old. Maybe I'll start shooting again someday. I need a motivated model who inspires me. Too bad I don't inspire any of them. I need that interested reciprocation and it's just not there. Just from posting these older photos, a lot of not-so-good memories have returned. You try to show your excitement to shoot with a model and all you get is disinterest in return. It has a way of wearing you down. It makes you feel like you have TAKE everything instead of pursuing a mutual goal. Just like dating, really, the nice guy approach never works. So I started becoming more of an asshole, and it was working, except I didn't like the person I was becoming. So I stepped away from what I thought I loved, and still haven't returned.


11Nov2012 -


I just don't know how to aspire

to the level of photographers I admire.

(that wasn't an intentional rhyme, it just came out that way in a note I was writing to a friend).


I've watched people I used to mentor improve their technique and surpass me while I've remained stagnant and "the same." I just can't keep doing the same things over and over again, and I don't know what to do or where to turn to make the improvements I need

to rise to a level I'd be proud of. I'm leaving my pics up, for now. I guess it's okay to display what I've done so far, but until I can figure out some way to become more artistic and more creative, there's just no way I can keep shooting. So you probably won't be seeing anything new for quite a while - if I ever pick it up again.


23Aug2012 - I'm probably gonna delete all my photos. I'm just not shooting anymore, I don't have any new ones to post, and I'm tired of looking at the same ones over and over.


I probably won't delete the account, but I don't know what I'll replace these photos with, if anything.


Photographing nude women has been nothing but a dead-end street for me. It's gotten me nowhere and at some point you have to look in the mirror and realize that you're just not that good. You keep trying to tell yourself you're good, but the proof is in the pudding. Most (damn near all) models I shoot don't post my images in their portfolios, and the few who do don't credit me. Combine that with the lack of positive reinforcement and feedback, and that's pretty much all that needs to be said - which is nothing, really. Plus, I've probably lost more friends because of this than I've gained. So why keep banging my head against a wall?


(sigh)... we'll see.


26Jun2012 - I just completely "cleaned house." I removed about 2,500 people from my contact list. I didn't block anyone, but if you haven't uploaded a photo in over a YEAR, I've removed you from my F&F list. I didn't look at names, I just went through my contact list and, under the column labeled, "Last Upload," if it said 12 months or greater, I removed you from my contacts. If you've been active with comments but not with uploads, I'm sorry for taking you out with the rest of the laundry, but I don't think it's asking too much that you upload photos at the blistering rate of ONE per year.


Also, if I've added you as F&F and you haven't returned the favor, then I'm removing you from my F&F list. I'm not blocking you... I'm just removing you from my Contact list... BECAUSE... Flickr has a limit on what they call "Non-Reciprocal Contacts." If you've added 3,000 people to your Contact list, but none of them added you, then you won't be able to randomly add any new Contacts until you reduce or eliminate the deadbeats you've added. That's why it's a good practice NOT to try and add friends whose accounts show no activity in over a year - you'll add them, but they're not around to add you back. If you were once on my F&F list but now have no more access to ALL of my photos, it's because you didn't add me in return. Sorry, don't be mad at me... I was the one who added you... you were the one who remained uninvolved, disinterested, and complacent and failed to add me.


I'm also paying attention to those who I've added as F&F, but have only added me as a Contact.


So I'm keeping closer tabs on who I add, now, based pretty much on when your last upload was. I don't care if you take a photo of a burnt-out lightbulb at night, or if you delete a current photo and re-upload it immediately, I just need to see that there is uploading activity within the last 12 months from my F&F. Think of it as my effort to help you keep your Flickr skills sharp. ; )


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


I'm a Chicago-based Photographer of nude women.


ALL of the photos in my portfolio are originals taken by me - I know each and every model personally. From them, I have signed releases verifying my ownership and their consideration, and I have proof of age as required by US Code 2257. I have no "web pics."


All rights are reserved and you do not have my permission to re-post any of my images anywhere on the internet. I'll be deleting and re-posting ALL of my photos on a fairly regular basis from now on to prevent bloggers like flickriver and flickeflu (what the hell does that mean, anyway?) from hot-linking to my images here on flickr.


Yes, I'm well over the age of 18.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Models I have worked with:


Natalee Hawthorne

Valentine LaRoche

Violetta Storms

Kerri Taylor


Anna Hodges

Liz Ashley

Jessica Robinson

Autumn Westin

Carlotta Champagne

Charlie Kristine

Isabella V


Annavel C.

Petula V.

Jenni Czech

Jenny McLane

Klara Goldnerova (aka: Carol Gold)

Miss Martina

Ashleigh Aska

Courtney B

Christie G

Daniela V.

Juicy Jesika

Michaela Fichtnerova (aka: Michelle)


Elly K

...and More!


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Everybody wants to be sexy!.. and it's great, isn't it? I think the worst thing in life is when the day comes that people no longer view you as sexy anymore. So you have to exude AND absorb as much of it as you possibly can! Live healthy, live clean, eat right, exercise, and make it last as long as you can! Glad to see so many people doing it with their pics here on Flickr!


I don't mind comments that are lewd and lascivious. Afterall, my images are intended to arouse and titillate. But crude stupidity is... well... just that. If you go for mean-spirited or highly disrespectful comments, THEN, regrettably, I'll probably have to do the blocking thing, because creepy comments don't settle well with the models. It makes them uneasy about what they do, and you want them to keep doing it, right? It's okay to be excited, just be a mature adult about it and not an insufferable adolescent, cool? Erotic appreciation is highly welcomed and highly encouraged! So please, by all means, comment away! : )


But if you come off like an over-bearing, undersexed, immature frat boy?... See Ya!


Grow up, people.

Sex is something that adults engage in.

Start acting like one and you might get laid more.

If nothing else, it will be more meaningful when you do.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


There are a couple themes and recurring issues that seem to come up on flickr profiles quite a bit, so I'd like to say a few things about them, here (you'll like this! lol!).


1) Until I joined Flickr, I don't believe I've EVER seen so many men acting like women (with their fake female accounts) in all my life - lol! What does that say about you as a person? And to think that you're really saying it about yourself. Did you ever stop to think of what a total admission of a loser that makes you? Much more about this further below.


2) There are a few things to keep in mind about posting images on Flickr, and the internet in general:


a) Blocking doesn't keep anyone from "stealing" your images. Even the right-click protection won't protect you. If someone can view an image, they can search through the source code on the page, find the link, copy it into their browser, and download the image, in less than 5 seconds! It's too easy. As a photographer or model, you should KNOW this is possible! If you don't believe me, I can show you. I can't believe there are models and photographers out there who have blocked me for posting this very paragraph! As I've already said, blocking doesn't stop anyone, so I don't know what you're trying to prove. Just know this - If they can view it, you can't stop them from downloading it - period. In fact, blocking these folks will only encourage them to hack you.


b) The notion that people are somehow "stealing" images that YOU'VE PUT ON THE INTERNET is ridiculous. The truth is, when you post photos ON THE INTERNET, you're essentially GIVING them away - there's no "stealing" about it. No, they don't have RIGHTS to your images, but you can't stop them from downloading the stuff. If you don't want people downloading your images, here's a novel thought: Don't post them on the internet! Period. Or don't let anyone view them (lol!) - which sort of defeats the point, right?... because, remember, you're posting them so that people can view them... ON THE INTERNET (please keep that "internet" thing in mind).


c) If you don't want people re-posting your photos, then watermark your photos. But even THIS is not a fail-safe! (and PLEASE use something with understated class... and NO COLORS). Look at my photos - or just about any other professional on here. We use watermarks (and I've even added a vignette). If someone is hell-bent on downloading your images and re-posting them, they will do it. With a watermark and a vignette, they have to go through the extra (pain-in-the-ass) steps to cut out your watermark and vignette... and by then, hopefully the image will be degraded enough that they won't want to post it anyway. If they DO post it, then it's easy enough to report them because you'll have the full, watermarked original in your portfolio, while all they have is the image they've tampered with. In this case, instead of merely blocking them, you'll have the full satisfaction of having their entire account deleted and completely wiped-out from Flickr, altogether!


d) I'm not sure who is sadder, though, the people who download images and re-post them?... or the people who deliberately post their images ON THE INTERNET... and then freak-out when they go viral? Hello? This reminds me of a model I once knew who used to get upset that photographers were posting photos of her with her legs spread wide open... but she KEPT ON POSING with her legs spread wide open! And as far as I know, she still is! And she refers to the photographers who see these images and want to shoot with her as "idiot traffic!" lol! Makes you wonder who the idiot really is. But she's using that tactic as a bargaining chip to leverage money from the countless photographers she's, uh... supposedly... just "posing" for (there's actually another word for that kind of age-old profession). Essentially, the message she's sending is, "I'll be your slut, if you don't tell anybody about it... and I'll let you pay me for it, too!" (hey! what a deal!). Apparently she doesn't have the foresight to see what will happen with her slut photos when her excitement wears off (and the excrement sets in). Even more pathetic are the so-called "photographers" who actually think they're special when she opens her legs for them! lol! Just think about THAT DNA soup you're swirling your tool in, huh??? There's a real turn-on for ya!


Okay, you just witnessed one of my far-flung tangents! What was the original point again? Oh yeah... if you don't want your photos to go viral, don't post them on the internet! And the addendum to that is, if you don't want photos of your open legs on the internet, stop posing with your legs open!! There's this little word that people don't want to pay attention to, anymore... and it's called responsibility. It's really genius in its simplicity and it magically makes all your problems take care of themselves. That is, IF you have the tiny amount of foresight necessary to exert that personal responsibility. :P


For some good, hilarious words on those idiots who DO download images and re-post them under a false alias, you MUST scroll farther down to read what I have to say about THEM! So stay tuned! You'll love it! :P


e) Blocking people for Faving photos without commenting. C'mon, man... that's a little extreme. Yes, I understand the annoyance of it, but they're just using a feature that Flickr has made available to it's members in the spirit of social networking and having a good time. Yes, Blocking is also a feature that Flickr has made available and you're free to use it - but that's intended to prevent harassment. Faving a pic is hardly an act of harassment. The fact that you'd get so angry over it is a little extreme, too. Remember, you still end up in a list on their page that other people can view. So it's kind of like... advertising. And if there's something you don't want certain people to see? (like your wife or the girl who's sending you those sexy self-portraits?)... then please re-read the above section about posting things on the internet! lol! And have HER read it, too! LMAO!!


It's not hard to understand that people on a site like Flickr would be more visual than literal, and I understand that it's nicer to get comments than Faves, but demanding that people comment on your images is a little controlling, really (or would "childish" be a more appropriate word, there?). Further, how many images have YOU faved without commenting? Or do you simply not take the trouble to acknowledge anyone else at all?


It's time to relax. Don't let your made-up rules and misconceptions of others ruin what should be a good time for you AND for those you want to share with, too.




Another little rant of mine about fake profiles - lol! (you'll REALLY like this part! lol!):


If you're a guy, posing as a girl, so you can get other supposed "girls" and lesbians to "Friend" you... so that you can endlessly masturbate to even more hot chicks... well, good luck with that. lol! Exactly how many hot chicks do you need?


Remember that half of the "women" you think you've Friended are probably GUYS - just like YOU - faking their accounts for the same reasons as you. So isn't it hilarious that two desperate straight guys are acting like lesbians trying to make each other masturbate? ROFL! It's like some sort of bizarre, homo-erotic, internet circle-jerk! LMAO!


In fact, for anyone coming on here and deliberately faking a profile with some personal agenda in mind, I have to ask what it is you hope to gain by not being yourself? Do you ever plan on meeting anyone? Or are you just sitting there, in the safety of your one-man, megalomaniacal internet kingdom, bare ass planted in your throne, dick in one hand, clicking away with the other, trying to get other DUDES to masturbate to whatever photos you've posted, while you masturbate to theirs? Wow... just... wow... pause and think about that for a sec... pffft! lol! I'm sorry!... I just can't keep a straight face!! Honesty really IS the best policy, guys. C'mon.


And honestly? I really don't care if you're spankin' it in front of your computer... more power to ya and God Bless the Internet in that regard! lol! That's probably why God made our arms that long! Just don't blatantly lie about yourself or try to trick people into being your friend.


Please, do yourself a favor, spare yourself some dignity, and just be authentic with your intentions and who you are, okay? We all understand the little excitement you get between your legs. We ALL get it - even GIRLS get it! (oops! I hope that didn't just excite you too much!). In fact, they'd probably get MORE excited if you'd just man-up and be yourself. Then again, if you're the type of guy who refers to having sex or making love as "Getting Lucky," then - voila! - I think we've stumbled onto the heart of the problem! Anyway, enough about you.


Finally, there are the people who are NOT posing as someone else, but they post web photos they've found (or "stolen"). I understand the desire to share-the-love and encourage the kinds of images you like, and I DO enjoy browsing through what you've found... what I don't get are the people who steal photos and STILL use the right click protection! lol! Essentially, it seems that they're trying to protect images they never had any rights to in the first place! :P Apparently, they do it to keep OTHERS from "stealing" the photos that they've stolen from the internet? I'm trying to understand the logic in this. The only thing I can figure they're "protecting" is ALL THAT TIME AND ENERGY they've spent surfing the net to find someone else's photos to re-post here... as if they've found some little "secret corner" of the internet that the rest of us could never find. How DARE we "steal" the photos that they've gone to ALL THAT TROUBLE to "procure" from the innerwebz! The nerve of some people! lol! (sigh....)


So anyway....


I was kicked off of this site once before because I let EVERYONE view my work unrestricted. Yes, including the prudes. I never thought of myself as much of an outcast, but there I was: flickr-less! Because of that, my page is now restricted and nudes are only available to friends and family. Sorry. Add me to your Friends and Family list and I will gladly return the favor if you're 18 or older.


If I see your images and I like your work, I'll add you as a friend right from the start and hope that you return the favor. If you don't, that's totally cool with me. (oops!... can't do THIS anymore. Flickr limits non-reciprocal contacts to 3000... and I hit that limit!).


Whatever you do, just enjoy life. Please. If you don't like my photos, there's no need to get mad. I've never understood that. If you're advancing some cause of trying to cleanse the world of infidels, not only will you fail, but at some point you and your ideas will be up for examination on that list, too. If you're upset, all you have to do is simply close the window or click a new link, and my photos will never go out of their way to bother you again. Promise!






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I completely agree with your profile. People on here are just dying to block you because they can. I like your attitude!"

January 27, 2012
silliwb1 says:

Stunning! Both the photos and his selection of models are awe inspiring.

May 9, 2011
deeply bottle (deleted)

I discovered your work recently and I'm greatly impressed by its composition and artistic quality. I look forward to seeing more additions. Keep up the good work.

April 6, 2011
cheap transport (deleted)

wow! i just read your profile. i think anyone with a working brain will agree with you, at least i hope so. your words are powerful. i couldn't agree more. you have said it perfectly. keep the great photos coming, wonderful work. doom

January 16, 2011
Stinger~> says:

Your photography leaves me in "Awe"!!! From your subject to the beautiful models, your pictures are "Amazing"!!! Can't wait to see more of your work!!! Thank You for sharing your "Outstanding Talent"!!!

December 30, 2010

_E.Matthew_ - I completely agree with your profile. People on here are just dying to block you because they can. I like your attitude!

December 2, 2010

E.Matthew's photostream represents nude photography at its best, great composition, light, locations, and stunning models.

January 22, 2010