Talent, Oregon- based photographer Mike Potts found his passion for photography while documenting mushrooms in the nearby forests and woodlands of Southern Oregon. Inspired by the beautiful scenery around him, he now photographs everything from mushrooms and wildflowers to scenic landscapes and the night sky. Mike’s photographs can be seen in 1859 Oregon’s Magazine, the cover of the Medford phone directory, and in the Audubon Mushroom Field Guide app for i-phone.


Fine Art Prints are available for purchase at mikepottsphotography.smugmug.com/

Agaricus hondensis


Shaggy Parasol


Mt McLoughlin


Silvery Blue


Rogue Gorge Sunset


Psathyrellas in the sun...


Autumn in the Park


Summertime Parasols


Christmas Day Sunrise



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Funginerd is a very talented photographer. Everytime I visit his photostream I am delighted with his amazing images and vast knowledge of the local plantlife! Funginerd's images will amaze and inspire you to enjoy the beauty in nature surrounding you.

September 13, 2009