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I didn't get a great deal of choice in liking railways and it always seemed the natural thing to like. My father was as keen as I am and, thankfully, took me around the country on railway trips from the tender age of five. Hence it seemed I had no choice!


I was allowed to roam free on the railways for the first time during the school holiday period of 1981 when I was ten (I'm sure my parents would be arrested if this happened in this day and age!) and from then on was well and truly hooked. I spent a happy week riding around the East Midlands on 45s and 46s mainly, not straying too far from home. It was around then I also found my like for buses too and was just as happy running around on Trent buses around Derbyshire, where I spent my childhood, as I was on trains.


A fair few years later and I find myself part owning two Class 33/1s and a collection of Bristol REs.


The photos here start back from before I was born as I have incorporated my late Fathers images (marked with an asterisk in the title of the photo) and span to the early 2000s though as of April 2020, I have only scanned up to around 1987 so there's plenty more my Dads archive to follow.


I have many more photos to scan and upload so each set and collection will continue to grow as time permits.


August 2019 update: I'm slowly going through my negatives to scan and replacing the images, they scan far better than the prints!


'd' or 'dgl' denotes a digital pic

'n' or 'neg' denotes a scan from a negative

'p' or 'prt' denotes a scan from a print

's' or 'sld' denotes a scan from a slide


I hope you like what you see!


Oh, and if you were wondering what the connection with 33106 is all about, that is (was) my favourite loco to run on British Rail. So now you know!



Willenhall (West Midlands)

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