Im your not so typical 17yo. I graduated high school early, thanks to skipping the 1st grade. Im a college freshman and even though it sucks being underage and in college I love it!


Im a wild child (according to my family) love to party, and of course dance. If im able to get into clubs you better believe ill be dancing all night long!


right now im undeclared for my major, though im thinking of leaning towards some kind of teaching, but who knows I might change my mind a billion times before Im done.


Well thats enough for now, feel free to add me if you want, what you see is what you get. I dont have any secret or private pics, so dont ask!. If you add me and have no pics or stupid fake internet pics you will be blocked. Guys if you add me and all you have is pics of your junk you will be blocked. Dont need to or care to see it. Thnaks and buhbye!



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