Hi there , Bonjour . Sut mae i chi, Czesc , Greetings Earthlings , etc etc

a 2019

Update....... Big Thanks for a 1,000,000 + views :)))))) plus Thanks , if I miss some !

Have been offline for some time apologies if I haven't replied to queries etc , please get back in touch M



" It is very enjoyable to make things visible , which are invisible " - Eric Cantona the French Football & MUFC legend !




~ I'm Welsh and have loved photography and music for a long long time now , I am also lucky enough to mostly take photo's for fun !!!!! , some requested and even paid


~ My photographic influences include Gwynne Martin ( Taylor Lloyd's and Lindy's dad) and Arthur Moseley ( college lecturer on the old North Road Aberystwyth site and possibly why I like B&W so much )' Heather Angel , Fay Godwin , Beatrix Potter , Frank Meadow Sutcliffe , Eugene Atget , Renoir , Robert Doisneau , Ansel Adams ., Jill Furmanovsky, Howell Conant.. and all the usual culprits including Monet & Turner !

~ will always try to reply to queries etc , but delay's etc :))))))

~ Not forgetting my Mum for all the art bits K's, V's and Z's etc rule of thirds ( and how to break it ) plus so much arty stuff!!!!!! and lots of other things !!.,


~ Plus ..... a very special mention also for Margaret ( Madoc ) Williams ,

( a music teacher way ahead of her time ) for making me listen to music properly ! , break down and put together again !!! ... and I wasn't even on a music course !!!!

- AND.... for inspiration consequently in teaching, her pic is in my Thankyou and Musicality set, and it was quite special meeting her after so long, and being able to thank her ! ,:))) and again the other weekend ( Oct 2015 ) Sorry to hear of your loss :(((

Nice meeting and again June 2016 as well !


~ to Dort for all the Rugby League fun from France and Aus. and getting the chance to meet some great people from the UK , Aus, NZ France , Islands etc etc:)

~ to Son for loads , but a touch shier !! & Congrats to the Dracs , Challenge Cup Winners 2018


~ Big thanks to Smokestack for all the musicality fun over the years: and probably help account for my ecelectic tastes in music )))))


~ On the subject of music......have had a couple of queries about artists I have taken pics of recently ( since 2013 ) ...... If I honestly did not like the artist a lot, their pics just wouldn't be on my site..... some great new finds ( for me ) , Lyons and La Zel in Liverpool plus Jessica & Jay Bishoff over in Oz... and Iona Fisher , in Manchester. Magic !!!, . Trials of Cato - in Audlem and even closer to home Sam Lyon in Northwich .. Amelie & Holly in Chester !... ( if any want to use them just get in touch )


~ Have even delivered photography in adult education classes in three colleges up in the North West. of England , though my normal day job was as a trainer, assessor, lecturer , in Admin, C/Service , Tech Certs, Key Skills etc, Auditor ( Quality ) etc etc etc

If I can give anyone any tips , or you have any queries about images, again please get in touch !


One of the great things to me is people finding some of my images interesting enough to have been made fav's etc


2018 ....... was asked recently what next upload would be...... no idea , could be nature / natural history , NT ............... :)))

Also for anyone remotely interested .... 99.99% of pics taken in Natural light - just the way I like to do things, currently main use camera's are :-

Fuji's S8650 SL240 S8000fd, S6500fd , a Panasonic Lumix DMC - FZ18 , and a Nikon film camera




SORRY... but not really interested in adding loads to contacts, to get loads of hits........prefer to just go my own sweet way, ... don't always do lots of words in comments - prefer to add to fav's or galleries - so if it's there it means far more........

-*** training and teaching phrase about noise comes to mind :))


Cover pic The Catalan Dragons @ Huddersfield Sep 2014 by me


If a pic of you is here and you would like a copy or would like it removed , or info etc, let me know ... I would not want to offend etc !!!!!



Site name - named after a great school friend so thanks JAR:)


Thanks M :)))


~~ Some may have noticed comments about feet, etc , I have diabetic neuropathy, so long walks are now history, eg ....

May 2014 one monster blood blister on each foot which then burst didn't feel a thing so Special Thanks to Karen and pods.

to " Nurses " , Leighton Hospital Crews @ Crewe

2017 / 2018 Nurses @ The Royal & Broadgreen Hospitals in Liverpool !! , and not forgetting my Specialist !! , I had a heart bypass op at Broadgreen 2018 !!!!!

( see Thanks photos in sets ) My only query is how come I meet so many really good nurses etc , when you read certain newspapers !!!!

Ariadne from Salford Uni Physio , for sorting out shoulder fine style .... and also our local practice for lots,

..... also Rose & Dr Jo over in Oz when one foot went iffy!


and especially.......

Barb for lots and lots !! M x

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