KMD Architects is an idea firm built from a diverse community of talents, experiences and personalities. These attributes shape a common desire to create inspiring places for people to work, live and enjoy. We work intuitively through to the logic of actions and embrace the emotion of collaboration. And, above all, we strive to be provocative.


Since our founding by Herbert McLaughlin in 1963, KMD has always been a vanguard design firm always asking the question, “What if…?” Through almost five decades, KMD has established itself as an international planning and design firm that encompasses practices of office, retail, hospitality, mixed use, healthcare, justice and academic. We often work with partner design firms which allows for greater personal service to our clients, and a larger contribution of ideas to the project. This collaboration is at the heart of almost every project.


As planners and designers, we strive to absorb the cultural context and unique demands that shapes each design opportunity. This is done before a single line is drawn. We continually learn from our experience and the world around us, which informs our creativity, innovation and individuality. Our work reflects great variety because each project is a unique challenge calling for a specific solution. This idea is central to KMD’s ethos as a planning and design firm.


During the last 25 years, KMD has been recognized with more than 250 project awards, including more than 40 from the American Institute of Architects.


KMD Architects employs a richly diverse staff of professionals who collaborate on multiple different project types. We tailor our project teams to the unique demands of each client. This introduces diversity and a wealth of experience to each project on which we work, and ensures that our clients always receive our best.

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