Ignore some of this....The * Idiocracy * will ignore all of it.

What is a muse?

When is the time to seek another?

How is what a moving feast really applies to what we are ?


These days I care about defining a reality that is going to carry me to my end...I'm an older human stuck within the confines of a world that is based upon an insane principle that one can't get there from here...From here! How simple could that be? Why is it so obscured by idiots that think they know "The Way?" Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose. Strangers are easier to deal with than those that THINK they know who you are...Do they?

If you are offended by material that can be of an *explicit* nature, do not add me as a friend! I'd rather you believe that what I post is of a * always sweet * nature. I have very strong views regarding censorship, In ANY form!!!, and the concept that someone/anyone other than myself should have say over what I create, view, read, listen to, etc. Is repugnant to me!


None of my photographs may be used without explicit permission from me, including copying, duplicating, reproducing, storing, publishing, or transmitting by any other means. The utilization of my photographs in other web pages without the express written consent of the author ( that is me ) is prohibited.


...The exception,of course, are my photos that are marked and noted as being *Creative Commons* (creativecommons.org/) licensed.

I won't abuse your rights! Don't abuse mine! With that magical word from out of our collective past....Please!...?


Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes.

Art is knowing which ones to keep~

* * *

You are only as sick as your secrets

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pleasant property (deleted)

'Phantastic' Photostream...incredibly imaginative...magnificently modelled...perfectly posed...supremely sexy!

November 24, 2017

i have only begun - but I have to say the images are remarkable. And there are a few that are sublime.

June 22, 2011