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Photography is a hobby, creativity is a passion. I try to capture as much as my mind can see and would love to read about your comments, whether negative or positive about what I click. I try to capture beyond the imagination of our eyes and am a bit instinctive about what I do. That said, I do often think through a photo, at times putting the shoot in my mind.


I love a beautiful sunset, a stunning sunrise, lightstreams, night long-exposure shots, macros, a certain female anatomy, landscapes, an eye-catching expression and so many other incredible stuff that fellow photographers and friends in Flickr upload daily. I'm obsessed with the beauty on display in this site!


Oh yes, and the mountains! My heart is in the beauty of the Himalayas, its fantastic peaks, deep valleys, the serenity and the peace. The perfection!


I work in the Learning solutions industry that allows me to travel and I vacation as much as I can. Delhi, the city where I have lived most of my life, is a photographer's delight so its always fun to venture out with my camera to take shots. I must confess most of my macros are taken inside my office cabin, I love it that much! I now live in Chicago.


Oh, and the hardware, of course, without which none of what I see or capture with my eyes would be visible to others. A great and user friendly Olympus E-520 with a super 14-42mm and a 40-150 mm pair of lens. I love my Manfrotto tripod to death and try and carry it whereever my roaming evening eyes go! I'm on the lookout for an additional lens, perhaps a 300 mm Zuiko. When I find one, you'll see for sure! ;-)


UPDATE: I did buy that 70-300 mm Zuiko lens and I love it!! I use it for my nature close-ups. That said, my 14-42 mm lens is still my most used!


UPDATE: I have now bought a 12-60 mm F2.8 Zuiko so my 14-42 has now been retired into cold storage. :)


UPDATE Sep 2012: I just bought an Olympus OM-D E-M5 with a 12-50 F 3.5 Lens. This s my newest addition to my inventory!


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