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*My gear: Canon XS (1000D): 50 f1.8, kit lens and Canon G11.


**I dream to be a real photographer but I already found a million photographers in Flicker-----a million and one seems a bit too much!-----(^-^)


***I disagree with those mandatory command or even mandatory fave policy; it doesn’t help to improve taking better pictures for both sides. So, to all my friends in Frickr, please forgive me because I seldom make comment; instead, any excellent photos I had found, I will put it into my favorite. Likewise, if any of my photos you really like, please mark it as your favorites and that's the greatest support for my work. ~~~However, I respect all sincerely comments. ~~~THANKS----(^-^)


June 2011, I learnt something from those I fave and I am glad to notice most of my friends are improving day by day.


◆My other page in which primary in literal ~ ~Felling; Experience; Political; Social…… : www.flickr.com/photos/63537517@N05/

~光影我心~ - View my recent photos on Flickriver

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  • HometownHong Kong-(^_^)-説得一口流利 (但錯音) 国語的港人
  • Current cityEast 46 Ave, Vancouver
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This guy has talent! I will be watching him! :-)

March 9, 2011