Much travelled, I have been around the World 3 times...ish!!! Photography has always been a passion and over the years have managed to sell copies of several of my favourite works. I recently took part in a National photographic competition, which attracted 28000 entries! I was shortlisted in one of the categories...which was OK. Didn't win though!!!


I have lived and worked in France, Australia and Italy albeit only for 6-9 months at a time. I have also worked in Holland, Spain and the USA. I own a small house in the village of Botevo, in Bulgaria. It is in need of total refurbishment, but it does have 2200sqm of big enough for that Olympic sized pool I have always wanted. I actually went on a salvage dive for the 'legendary' gold cargo of the SS Marloo off Australia's Fraser Island!!! Never got it though?


Hobbies are reading, writing, drawing/painting (but not very good!!!) cooking, and the above 2 of photography and travel.


And I have developed a really DEEP mistrust of all the awards that appear everywhere on this site?



----///--\\\----put this

---|||----|||---on your

---|||-- -|||---profile if

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-----\\\///-----who is living with, survived

------///\-----or has passed away from


----///--\\\---Thank you

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