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I enjoy being part of the flickr community and meeting so many talented photographers. I feel very inspired by many of you and I believe I’ve learnt a lot since I joined flickr back in January 2011.


To me photography is a never ending learning experience. There is always something new that I want to try out, experiment with or try to get better at.


I bought my first digital SLR camera, a Nikon D90, in 2009 and I was thrilled about it. A DSLR was on my wish list for such a long time but due to financial reasons, I wasn't able to get it earlier.


The first year or so, I mainly took pictures in program mode. I had absolutely no idea about apertures, shutter settings, ISO... etc. Eventually, I got curious and I wanted to find out why I have so many buttons and wheels on my camera and what I can do with them... So I started to experiment and learn how to use my camera gear beyond the program modes.


A few years have passed since then and still there is so much to learn for me! In the meantime I've changed camera bodies twice and currently I'm a very happy owner of a Nikon D800! For me this is an amazing camera and I feel on a very steep learning curve since I have it.


So far it’s been a very exciting journey and I enjoy it a lot.


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