This is a process. If I can only realize 10% of my daydreaming I will have achieved my goals. Also, I like the opposite of cliche


One thing that most definitely characterizes my photography (or motion work) is that I am *rarely* or *never* on "brand" from post to post. As much as I appreciate the consistency and continuity of those artists who have a well-established visual identity, that is not me. I love too many things and feel my taste is too diverse to sit comfortably in a singular 'brand' lane. So, I'm going on record here saying that I'm essentially all over the map with about everything I do. :)


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  • OccupationMost certainly not making a living from my love of photography
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peetje2 says:

David's images are timeless art. The world is starting to see what I have seen for some time now. Powerful work with a calm stillness that draws you in. His genius is evident, in the skillful vision each image represents. I am amazed by the directions he takes, and the skill with which he communicates his art.

June 8, 2020