Come with me in my world of abandoned places. Here you will find my adventures with hidden beauties in a state of degradation. The golden rule in urban exploration is: "Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but photos!"


My name is Cristian Lipovan, I was born in Gherla in 1982. The passion for photography started back 8 years ago when I bought my first DSLR camera, followed by a photo class in Cluj-Napoca where for the moment I live..


I like to approach different styles of photography, but I prefer the most URBEX (Urban Exploration) photography. I think this genre represents me the best, that`s why I`m even more concerned with my project called PLACES SUFFERING.


From 2013 I started working at the this project, when I discovered several abandoned buildings that impressed me very much and the first thought that came to my mind at that time was how I can give "life" to these places. From that moment I knew clearly that this genre was the best for me. I started searching on the internet for all sorts of abandoned buildings hugging through several areas of the country to photograph them. The fist major trip outside the country, was in 2014, in Italy,where we explored several abandoned places, followed by Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands in 2016, followed by France in 2017, and the most important place Pripiat, the ghost town which was abandoned after the catastrophe from the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. In the future, I want to explore the whole of Europe, but I do not stop here. I have a list of about 500 abandoned places that I want to explore, but a few other dozens about which I still do not know, I will slowly discover them all.


I'm fascinated by the idea of going into abandoned buildings, finding out their stories, what happened there, why they were abandoned. When I enter such places it is as if I go back in time, I try to imagine those times, to feel the lives of the people who have passed there. Every time I go to a new location, I encompass the emotions for what I can find or what I can meet. We have found all sorts of things undamaged for years, left to chance, from documents, photographs, paintings, dishes, money, clothes, toys, to dead, mummified animals.


Many times I had to climb buildings, leap tall walls, or get in through the darkened cellars. I never took and did not destroy anything in the places where I walked. And the identity of these places will not be revealed for safety reasons, most of them have been vandalized and destroyed. Most times I go alone, that's why I live very intensely. I'm going through strange states, especially when I'm in a house where you get a stinking smell, where there are beaten animals that seem to be watching you every step, or the wind blows in the doors and windows, making them squeak dreadfully. I have entered many abandoned buildings, from rocky houses with straw roofs, villas, mansions, hotels, factories, churches, crypts, castles, prisons, casinos, schools to hospitals or amusement parks.


I want to make it known to the general public my activity related to this project, and the stories of the places where I was, I want to publish them in a photo-book, which will be coming out soon. I want to share with everyone interested in such a subject the stories of the suffering places.


Do not forget:


Never lose interest in the place where you live, it can become an interesting place for me!


Cristian Lipovan

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