after 5 years of activity on flickr I decided to write something here ... I am a busy person, I have very little time for photography (on weekend) and just as little time to spend on flickr .. however I am trying to appreciate as many photos as my time permitted to me and relatively rare, I admit, I comment, usually very briefly, especially for people who have the good will to comment on my photos...

so follow me, I follow you .. and of course I may like or not your photos (it is a matter of taste), I may fave or not, comment or not (it is a matter of time), and as the same, you may not like, fave or comment my photos...

and there is the case when someone follows me and has too many contacts (and probably can't really follows me) I will not follow that person but I will always try to appreciate at least one photo after the fave of one of mine...

So please, do not follow me and then unfollow me because I don't fave or comment all your photos..

If you followed me and you don't like (some) of my photos, feel free to give me an advise or say what you didn't like...

thank for your patience and may the light be always with you!

01 august 2018


P.S. There are period of time when I disappear for good reason... but I always comeback!

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Hi, I like what you think and I agree with you and your photos, ciao

March 30, 2021

Hy! Sie haben einen so persönlichen Stil entwickelt - einfach schön! Motiv, Licht Präsentation...... Gratulation! Das Auge bleibt an vielen Bildern hängen.. Sie wissen, das ist es was ein Fotograf will!

June 7, 2019

colors, light, composition, ideas all is simply gorgeous a real pleasure for the eyes

April 27, 2018

Sempre molto brava! E' un piacere vedere le tue foto; molto, molto belle.

July 23, 2017