Since I was a young girl anything having to do with nature and being outdoors appealed to me. That love of nature led to wanting to capture and share everything and anything I saw through pictures. The first camera I owned, a Kodak "Brownie," was a gift from my mother, accompanied with a subscription to a beautiful magazine called Ideal. It had gorgeous photographs of landscapes and wildlife that captivated my imagination. One could say, I was "hooked" forever! Through the years I have tried to have a camera wherever I go because, as my husband likes to say, "It's all before you, everything from A to Z." I joined Flickr to share my passion, as well as to learn about and be inspired by the creativity of other people from all around the world.

I am always pleased if a photo I take is enjoyed enough for someone to take the time to view, fave or best of all make a comment or ask a question about. I would rather have a conversation than awards, and I will block those of you that have few or no photos to share or who fave a bunch of my photos, making me wonder what you are doing with them. I will also block people who follow me, but do not fav or comment, they are usually the ones seeking a reciprocal follower to boost their numbers. Please be assured that even though I may not be able to respond to everyone, I so appreciate you "stopping by." I have made some great friends here and truly appreciate each and every one of you.....and you know who you are!

Thanks to everyone who helped me achieve 3 Million + Views!

-----///\\------ Please


----///--\\\---- put this


---|||----|||--- on your


---|||-- -|||--- profile if


---|||-- -|||--- you know


----\\\--///---- someone


-----\\\///----- who is living with, survived


------///\------ or has passed away from


-----///\\\----- cancer.


----///--\\\---- Thank you!

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Debbie, you have a fantastic portfolio of work with beautiful colors, rich tones, and soft light... inspirational, to say the least. ✨ Thank you for sharing your images with us here on Flickr! ✨ Saludos from Chile! ( ͡❛ ͜ʖ ͡❛)✌

January 21, 2021
Dark Control (deleted)

"""Me parece que en general, sus fotos son muy buenas. Sigamos con esta pasión que tenemos en común. Suerte"

June 15, 2015