Hello! My name is Kyle Adcox. I was born on April 27, 1970 in Spokane Washington USA, and I currently live in Portland Oregon USA. I graduated from Benjamin Franklin High School in 1988.

I guess you could claim I'm a bisexual. Although i do prefer women, a hot Tranny can turn me on. (Please refer to My Favorites)

Now, I wish that I was one of the following:

1. The NFL's "King of Thieves"

2. Minus the drugs, The Jimi Hendrix of Bass Guitarists

3. My generation's version of either Jack Nicholson or Al Pacino.

Unfortunately, that isn't the case. I'm currently disabled, and am on both SSD and SSI, and an on Food Stamps. I've never had a car. Because of that, I don't have the equipment, materials, resources, or supplies to put together my own Photostream. If I did, I'd be like the Trannys on my contacts list, and I'd go all out too.

Of course, such a Photostream would be met with heavy resistance. I'm the product of a bipartisan marriage that broke up in 1980. My parents are both teachers. My Republican Father, I believe, has a Southern Cracker lurking inside of him. Just recently, he had me research for him all The Confederate Generals who served during The Civil War.

In regards to my mother, she claims to be a Democrat, yet, I'm more tolerant of Gays and Lesbians than she is. Moreover, at times, she can be as vicious as Joan Crawford; Had she been born a day later, she would have shared a birthday with Joan Crawford.

At any rate, my mother's father was a Lt. Col. in The United States Army. He served in both WW2 and Korea as a Chaplain. In WW2, he served under Gen. George Smith Patton Jr.. That stated, when I was born, "ABC" by The Jackson 5ive was number one on The Billboard Pop Charts. Through my upbringing, I know, and Understand, that before you can be a spouse, you've got to be a lover first; Before you can be a lover, you've got be a friend first.

I'm the oldest of 5 siblings. Now, as the firstborn, I'm supposed to be the first of my father's strength; Instead, I'm the geek of the family. Speaking of geekdom, one of the clubs here in Portland won't let me in because, according to the club's security staff, I'm "too creepy"; Granted, I'm awkward, but give a guy a break, will ya?

This will do for now. I hope, for those who have read this will keep an open mind; I would with you.

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Thank you Kyle for being a loyal admirer. You are always so sweet about what you say. To answer your question, I dressed a bit as a teen and on rare occasions I did so as an adult during my career and family days. For the last 22 years I have been developing Sarah to what you see today. Hugs

January 31, 2019