Over the years I have come to question myself as to why I am still bothering to publish photographs. Yes, Flickr is addicting, receiving comments is addicting despite knowing that one can generate comments by the thousands using a simple computer program.

Yet I stick with this.


I think it is a necessity of the photographer to share the creative act with other passionate souls that might understand the endeavour. That one sincere comment that comes once in a while, showing that someone has really voluntarily and freely looked at your photograph, makes it worth it.


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I also use Flickr as my online video diary and backup facility. I now have lost all my photographic archive already twice and the only digital memory I have for some years in my life is here on Flickr (maybe that was the cause of loosing my photographic archives, one never know how life works). Hence my photostream is not organized, nor is my life for that matter. My photostream happens.


Taking pictures for me remains a learning experience investigating the way the brain works and the way the eyes see. I mostly enjoy photography as artistic expression more than a documentation activity, although I also snap quick shots for remembering people and places. Actually my understanding and appreciation of photography is evolving all the time, what I consider a worthy photograph also changes with time, what does not change is a conscious aesthetic endeavour.


I have taken a photography class a long time ago, during a high-school protest sit-in. My inspiration probably comes from paintings but also from the talent that abounds here on Flickr. If I feel I have been inspired by your style of photography, I will quote you somewhere in the page.


Most likely __I will not reciprocate your contact__: do not take it personally, I only add persons I know in real life as contacts - too many bots around. I am also starting to comment only users whose faces are intelligible from the buddy icon or in their photostream, in an effort to discourage fake accounts and in the hope of recognising you should we by chance meet.


Happy browsing and feel free to leave a comment. Be sure that any constructive criticism is always appreciated. As good netiquette mandates, just send me a note to discuss the copyright terms for photos you might like to use.


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Ironia e tecnica, colpo d'occhio e originalita'...e' divertente e incuriosisce vedere le sue foto e aprirsi su altre sue proposte. Son contento di aver un contatto con Olga e la ringrazio per i suoi commenti sempre interessanti sulle mie foto.

September 25, 2009
Adrian P2 says:

The love of Olga for Scandinavia is unlimited, and gives us lovely photo's of magnificent landscapes and towns. Can't wait to see more of your travels!

March 3, 2009